You go to McDonalds and get a salad to make yourself feel better. Well the jokes on you “healthy patron” you most likely been eating a salad with some shit.

The Food and Drug Administration has said that the problem is caused by the Cyclospora parasite.  While healthy individuals should recover from a cyclospora infection without treatment, patients with weakened immune systems can be at a higher risk and three people have been reported hospitalized so far.

The illnesses are a result of a tainted batch of lettuce from a McDonald’s supplier in Streamwood, Illinois, according to the company. “We have removed lettuce blend provided by Fresh Express’ Streamwood, Illinois, facility,” McDonald’s told USA Today. The bad news is that replacing the infected lettuce won’t stop new cases from developing overnight. The infection takes at least a week or two to take hold, according to the CDC and it may be up to six weeks before patients experience symptoms. The most common symptom is watery diarrhea, although patients might also experience a loss of appetite, weight loss, cramping, nausea and fatigue.

If I’m going to eat shit at McDonalds, I’ll take a Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets instead.