You see hundreds of articles a day when reading the news and sometimes one catches your eye..

Dad found beaten to death reportedly had 43 kids

Right away you stop what you’re doing and read every word in the story. A black male being beaten to death in Chicago isn’t something that unfortunately is surprising. Seeing that man had 43 fucking kids is amazing.

Police said John Hearring, 63, was discovered unconscious Sunday afternoon in his upstairs apartment on the city’s West Side. Family members said Hearring — who was known as Nicholas — was survived by 43 kids. “He was the nicest man you’d ever want to meet,” Bridgeforth told WLS-TV. “I don’t get it.”

Listen, I don’t care how nice he was… 43 kids you “screwed” someone over. A baby momma (by the way I would love to know how many baby momma’s there are.. 43? 20? 4?) one of the kids you never paid attention to or forgot about, a baby momma’s man who is waiting for you to pay child support so they can go out to eat.. You f’d someone over and I’m sure when they find the killer (wait it’s a black man in Chicago, they prob won’t find) it’s going to be someone I mentioned.

Lastly, How the fuck do you have so many kids? We all don’t use condoms but you have the pull out method or you are just luck in timing when you cum inside your girl. This guy either has the greatest sperm around or is just so f’n unlucky. Also from what I saw he wasn’t a looker, so who is letting this guy fuck then? I need to know more!!

Should be a crazy funeral with all them kids…