Today marks the 17th anniversary of 9-11. This is one day that will always hit me hard as I witnessed it all 1st hand.

I don’t talk much about it but for the 10 year anniversary I wrote about my day and share it every year.

It’s been 10 years . 10 years of memories that are as fresh as the actual day. Leaving for work at the world Financial Center a little later then normal. Seeing smoke from the 1st tower as we entered the Bettery Tunnel, no one knowing what happeneed or how bad it was/ Getting off the bus as we got into the city cause of traffic. Standing on the West Side Highway as a plane crashes into the 2nd building. Staring in stunned disbelief and listening to people say it was a plane hit the 1st building.  Everyone not knowing what to do. People running to battery park when a bag on the floor look suspicious. on Greenwich st when the 1st tower starts collapsing. Running towards the Si Ferry from a ball of smoke that you had no idea what was coming at you. White smoke making your clothes, shoes black grayish white.. Ferry packed what do you do now? You cant see anything in front of you. Where is the Bklyn bridge? what are the planes above you? Walking on the FDR trying to decipher what is happening around you, deciding since you cant see a bridge right in front of you to keep walking uptown. Walking past stores, people offering water, stopping to listen to radios and watch tv’s in stores. Cant get in touch with anyone and just thinking of friends that work close by and if there safe. Next stop Manhattan Bridge, still not trusting what’s going on even as you see people walking across. All of a sudden you hear people screaming and turn around. the 2nd building is collapsing. Just knowing you have to keep it moving uptown to go to a place to rest. Deciding not to walk past any major locations as you  hear rumors of more attacks in Wash and Pennsylvania. Everything moving real fast and finally deciding to ask someone for a quater to use a pay phone. Hearing family cry as they hear your voice and knowing youre ok. Hearing that friends have checked in with their love ones and are all ok. Seeing your 1st familiar face hours later in midtown and happy just being able to talk to someone as you make your way uptown to keep you sane. Finally making it to 83rd and 1st to get a shower and change of clothes. Staring at the tv for hours taking in all the devastation. Heading back to Brooklyn that night on the F train. People all quiet and in a trance. Finally getting home not to leave for a few days cause you cant stop watching all the news channels.

I haven’t watched any video of that day since the 1st anniversary. Just thinking of that day and remembering all you saw can make one tear up. Today I will for all the people we lost that day. To remember the brave people who ran into the buildings when others were coming out. We are NYC but we should always remember that their is Pennsylvania and DC. This was a day that changed this country forever. I personally know like others today will be a tough morning since its a big anniversary. Can’t believe its been 10 years already. Never Forget!! 9-11-01

I still don’t even read all I wrote, I know all I saw that will be with me till day I die. I know everyone has a story for that day and this was just mine.

It’s probably selfish but I do wonder sometimes what would be different about life if that day doesn’t happen? Is there an alternate universe and what am I up to today in that universe? Then I think what if I didn’t meet some people because of changes in life that had to be made because of that day. It’s all crazy to imagine.

The most important thing on this day though is remembering those we lost and that’s something we all should #NeverForget.