So the Red Sox have won the World Series and what are we supposed to do as Yankees fans?? To me it’s an easy answer.. Nothing

Sure you see the crazies going wild on Twitter, hating on the Red Sox and everything Boston, hating on the Yankees and the moves they made or didn’t make. I don’t know if it’s just my age but I’m already over it.

I basically told myself this World Series was over as soon as the Red Sox beat the Astros. The NL was a joke and the Dodgers are a mess of a team to have been the representation. I was personally hoping for the Brewers as I thought they had ore heart and maybe could put a scare into Boston.

No Yankees fan should ever complain about Aaron Boone after seeing how Dave Roberts handled his team this post-season. It was horrible watching each and every bad move he made.

For the Yankees fans that we are let’s just hope this team improves in the off-season. The team need better starting pitching, need to figure out what they are going to do in Didi’s absence and be ready to challenge Boston. The Yankees had 100 wins and are ready to compete for it all.

Congratulations Boston, you have won a lot lately and while I don’t like it one bit, I’m over it. It will make the Yankees better for next season and it’s time for the Bronx Bombers to make a run. You will just be in the way going forward. It will make baseball great again.