The Baltimore Ravens signed one time 1st rd pick Robert Griffin III to a deal today. The former Washington and Browns QB is trying to land a job after not playing last season. RG III after having a great rookie season, has been a bust, Always hurt, his game has never been the same.

I’m glad that some team is giving him a shot but how is no one giving one to Collin Kaepernick already. We get it, you don’t like that he kneeled for the anthem. Hell, I don’t like that he did but the guy has the talent to at least be a backup qb.

If RG III and players like Brandon Weeden have jobs then Kap should have one as well. Who will be the team that steps up from this blackballing and give him a chance. Whoever does I think will get kudos from all over. Sure some fans won’t like it but trust me, it won’t stop them from watching or going to games. Let’s go NFL!!