Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced their surprise engagement today after only 2 months of dating, continuing the new trend in Hollywood of getting engaged after only a few months of dating.

I got to say I’m a big fan of this. What’s better than to see 2 beautiful people happy with that “new” sex and just saying fuck it and proposing? We get to sit back and watch it all crash from afar…

You really think Justin and Hailey Baldwin are going to last?? No shot. Nick Jonas and Priyanka might give it the old college try but they are doomed. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande??? GTFOH. All these are going to messes. Hopefully some kids involved and it will cost the guys even more.

Now I know like me, everyone out there has always thrown out an eff it, “Lets just go get married now” @ days later you laugh and thank the lord it never happened. These folks though had the money to buy the ring right away and have no real life issues to help them make more sense of it all..

Good luck to all though, we really, really hope it works out..