Anyone who knows me knows I love candy. My favorite candy is one not popular with most… The Necco Wafer.

The pre civil war colorful round shape wafers aren’t known for their taste but I have always had a thing for them. Now I may have to just stick to jelly beans as the company that makes Necco wafers has shutdown its factory.

The company that makes Necco wafers and Sweethearts shut down without warning Tuesday. The news came as a shock to employees of the 171-year-old confection company famous for its iconic wafers and sweethearts and chocolates.

That’s right, I think you care now. The Necco factory also makes your candy hearts with sayings on them for Valentine’s day.

Also sad is around 230 people losing their jobs, Hopefully some company makes an offer to keep the great Necco brand alive, so folks like me won’t be upset when we go to CVS, and are looking to pick up something while waiting on their long lines.

Today is a bad day for the good ol USA.