When thinking about our next topic for our 40’s vs 20’s series, I had one come to my mind last night as I was laying on the couch and fading around 10pm… How do my Thursday night’s out after work (aka Happy Hour) compare today from 20 years ago.

Thursday Nights out in my 20’s

20 years ago I was working in the Financial District of NYC, making some nice money and still living at home with very limited bills. We didn’t even have direct deposit, so every other Thursday we would get our check at work and go straight to the check cashing spot that had a deal with our firm and get a pile of cash. Now maybe you would say “Why didn’t you just put the check in the bank?” The quick answer.. Who cared about a bank account at 21. The real answer we were partying hard after work Thursday nights. As soon as 4 or 5pm hit, it was straight downstairs to meet 15+ people for a night of drinking, eating and debauchery. We had our normal spots to start, where we knew the owners, wait staff etc.. Some nights we would say just a couple and we would be end up home 2am. We were young and having fun. Everyone hooking up with everyone with no care. We would bar hop, go to different clubs and not have a care in the world. There were times I would never make it home and wear the same clothes as I would head to work on Friday. I always had a plan those for those Fridays though and would make my way to Banana Republic, buy a pair of slacks, socks a shirt, and a tie for the workday. I would never take out the tag and then return it as soon as work was done. It was a master plan that always worked. I wouldn’t need sleep or didn’t feel tired during the workday. I probably went out that Friday night as well.

Thursday Nights out in my 40’s

I just got tired reading what I just wrote above. I might have one night like that in me all year. First, I work from home, so I’m not in the city, in the middle of it all. I’m in a t-shirt and shorts most days and can’t stand the thought of getting dressed to go out. While I still make good $$$, I got a ton of bills and an almost teenage daughter. So, as quick as the money comes in, is as quick as it goes out. These days I have to worry about assisting with 7th grade math homework and helping out with her softball team. When I was younger I never gained weight or needed the gym (though I wish I went back then). Now, I have to make sure to go almost every day so I don’t become a fat mess, which is easy to happen at this age. So. I ask, who has the time to even think about going out for drinks? These days, I need to be in bed by 11, though I will start drifting before that. The thought of coming home from the city after that never feels like a good idea. Sure there are still times you get all fired up and think you have it in you but you always make the better decision to just go out local and get home a normal time.  I still would like to go out to think I have a chance with these 20 something’s, but more than likely would end up hooking up with 35 plus, who ends up being a married women (yes, men that are married, your wife is hooking up when she goes out).

Who Is Having The Better Thursday Night?

I mean this is a no contest. I would love one night, to be able to go back to 20 years ago, for a Thursday night out with the old gang. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with watching Gotham and How To Get Away With Murder and chilling on the couch, but to have that wad of cash in your pocket with no care in the world would be nice to feel for one more time. To have one more Thursday night at Club NV in the reggae room would be amazing

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Life moves fast and more responsibilities come as you get older. While it’s a major difference from 20 years ago, it’s still good in it’s own way. If someone does come up with a time machine though, please reach out to me ASAP.