In our next 40’s vs 20’s blog, we look at how you celebrate your birthday weekend in your 40’s vs your 20’s

Yesterday I celebrated birthday #42. Another year older and another day of sitting back, wondering, how am I 42 already? While most freak out about getting older, I’m all good with it. Sure it’s harder to get the younger girls on bumble but still feeling young. That all being said, when I was out and about, I started thinking how my 42nd birthday differed from my birthdays in my 20’s.

Birthday in my 20’s 

The birthday weekend would always be a blur. It would start at some bar in the city, most of the time, renting out part of all of the bar. Usually a $20 dollar al you can eat and drink kind of thing.  Tons of friends, co-workers and friends of friends would come and the party would go all night. People would be laughing, hooking up and throwing up. You would end up going to different bars throughout the late night-early morning. No way were you taking the train home and you would always hear a story the next day of someone getting into a fight with a cab driver.

After recovering the next day, we would have a nice dinner planned with some close friends. Usually it would be at a top city steakhouse or family style Italian spot. We would continue the drinking and hit up a club and go crazy till the early hours of the morning. Finally on Sunday, we would have a recovery day and maybe a Carvel birthday cake to end the festivities. You might take off work on Monday to just get a full day to catch up to the rest of the world.

Birthday in my 40’s

Your 40th birthday weekend would be as close as you can get to anything in your 20’s. It a nice whole number that everyone likes to celebrate. If your married, odds are you are having a surprise party at some restaurant or bar with all you new friends and some of your older ones that are still around. A nice evening of dinner and drinks and everyone goes home satisfied at a decent time as the babysitter is waiting. If your single, your friends will set up a nice dinner, some will stay for some after dinner drinks but most are looking at the time on their phone to see when they can get home.

After your 40th, it’s over till I’m guessing your 50. You probably get small gathering of close friends for dinner. People will txt or leave a fb message wishing you a happy birthday. Your family will have a cake for you but you will have to still take care of whatever errands you had for the day. If it means taking your kid to their sporting events, throwing out the garbage or go buy some groceries. The day is no longer about you. It’s about the bigger picture of your life. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Who does a birthday weekend better?

This is a no contest, knockout in the 1st round Mike Tyson style. Your bday weekend in the 20’s is a party that you never want to end. You are the center of attention and you’re having the time of your life.  Your birthday in the 40’s is something you don’t really care about and makes you look forward till starting work on Monday. Most of the times you feel forced to have to do things for your friends or even yourself. If you’re married, you don’t even want to hang out with most the people because they are your wife’s’ friends and their husbands. Sometimes it sucks getting older….


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