Now that the Yankees vs Red Sox series is over, I was sitting and thinking how different I am as a Yankees fan in my 40’s than when I was 20 years ago. How would I have acted in my 20’s during this series vs how I just was these last 3 days. Have I matured? Do I have the same routines? I found it all very interesting to look at.

Going To The Game(s)

Sure the series was in May and not in October, but, the 20 something year old KayGee would’ve made sure to have got tix to at least 2 of these games. It wouldn’t had mattered where the seats were, how much I overpaid etc. That guy always wanted to be at the top games and/or events. He hardly had any bills to pay and would even buy other tickets for whoever he was taking. I didn’t care if I only had a few hours sleep before work. Worse case I would’ve just called out.

40 year old me didn’t give 1 thought to going to any of the games. I’m so much happier watching at home or a friends house. Can’t even fathom driving from Brooklyn to the Stadium during rush hour. The train is ok but the express train stop running after 9 so don’t even want to think about the long ride home. Getting home late when you have to start work 645am also is a big deterrent to me.  No days off is my nickname or at least the one I gave myself.

How I  Watch/Act During The Game

20 years ago, we didn’t have social media, so everything you had to say was either yelling at red sox fans at the stadium or complaining to my fellow Yankee fans. Would even berate my friends who rooted for the Mets, just to feel better if the Yankees loss. If I was watching from home I would never miss an inning let alone an at-bat. I was so superstitious, If anything was happening positive for the Yankees, I wouldn’t move from that spot or change the channel. If I did move or  change the channel, everything had to be done again cause it always had to be even. So if I got up from couch, I would sit down and get up again so that it would’ve been done twice. If things weren’t going the Yankees way, I would move locations of where I was sitting, maybe what I was wearing etc. Crazy and exhausting I know. I felt like I controlled it all. Probably needed to be on meds.

Today, I wish I could tell you the superstitious side of me was completely gone, but I still have it though I believe to a lesser extent.  I don’t need to see the entire game. I have my phone and get to see the score anytime I want. I have twitter to see everything that is happening at that moment. I coached my daughters softball game and didn’t think until after the game to check the score as I missed the 1st few innings. So the superstitious side of me comes out when the Yankees were winning and then I watch and the Red Sox start to do well. I’ll watch my DVR and every 5 mon or so check Twitter to see what’s happening. If all is well, and Yanks are up, I might go back to watch. I still do the even thing but I don’t feel as much. I try to tell myself I have no control of the outcome based on what I do. Still, I probably need to be on some type of medication for this

How I Act Depending On The Results Of The Game

Back then boy was I a sore winner. If the Yankees won a big game, I’d feel good, watch every post game and highlight show. I’d make fun of Red Sox fans at the stadium. Join all the chants as we walked out and mess with my Mets fans co workers the next day. (Poor Mets fans) A loss, I would be cursing any one I blamed under my breath or yelling it during the game. If at home and they loss, the tv would shut off and I’d go to bed or do something else. If out with friends or a friends house, I’d probably just get up and leave. Took the tough losses hard and wouldn’t watch anything for a day or so depending on damage of the loss. Meaning a loss to the Mets and I wouldn’t watch TV till either we beat them the next night or for a couple of days. If my friends said shit I would go for their throats. I definitely wasn’t a good loser.

A big Yankees win today and I’m definitely still gloating, though most of it on social media and this site. I might txt some friends, though most likely not the Met fans (they already have it bad), and I will still watch the post game show and look for some highlights. A loss though and I’m much better than when I was younger (maybe winning some championships have helped) I will turn off the post game and just watch something else. Even a post season loss like last season, I get over fast and I’m not thinking much about it the next day. I’ll laugh at all the hate on social media and make a comment or 2.

Who is the better fan?

I wish I still had the same energy that I had 20 years ago. I would love to go to more games, not care about my sleep and be loud and obnoxious in the Bronx. That’s the only thing better about the fan in me back then though. Watching games now are so much easier. Less stressful and I don’t live or die on every pitch of every big game. Which means when looking to see who is the better fan, this is an easy decision.


20 something KayGee in a landslide. For the energy he used to bring, For the money spent on tix, gear etc the young kid is a much better fan than he is now. Hell, he even thought to name his 1st born Mattingly (which he would eventually do) For me personally I’ll take where the fan in me is now. Less stressful and so much easier not living and dying on every pitch. In the end though they both still care about the greatest franchise in all of sports…